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Community Walk

Community Walk Rescheduled

A Community Walk across the new bridge in Virginia will be held Saturday, September 30, from 2-5 p.m. We’ll cross the bridge en masse, and get plenty of drone photos along the way!

All participants in the walk will be required to sign a waiver. A registration area will be set up on First Avenue East at the end of Chestnut Street in Virginia, in Franklin Addition. Parking will be available on Chestnut Street, Railroad Avenue, and in several city-owned parkinglots. A map will be available online.

From the Mesabi Trail entry point in Franklin Addition to the east side of the bridge is more than 1/2 mile. Participants should be prepared to walk at least 1.5 miles, including to and from their cars.

Shuttle buses will not be provided to return participants to their cars. Everyone is responsible for getting themselves from their vehicles to the staging area, across the bridge and back again on foot.

Drone photographer Floyd Luomanen will take group photos of participants on the bridge. Images will be made available online.

There is no fee to participate. Water will be available, and a limited quantity of Bridge Daze t-shirts can be purchased onsite for $10. After registering, walkers can follow the Mesabi Trail to the west side of the bridge, where a leader will start the walk. If participants come later in the day, that’s fine too.

If you register for the Community Walk below, we will capture your email information and include you in the communications about the rescheduled date and other Bridge Daze events.

If you have questions, you can email info@ironrange.org

Thank you to all our great sponsors who are hanging in there with us as we figure it all out! Iron Mining Association, Mesabi Trail, Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board, Iron Range Tourism Bureau, Laurentian Chamber, and Essentia Health.  You’re the best!